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Slide aromatic candles What scent do you like? You're sure to find it among the more than a hundred aromatic candles we have in the shop. We are distributors of aromatic candles by Cerabella, Durance and Wax Design. See more A Cereria Subirà

Slide church candles We offer all kinds of liturgical candles Classic and modern christening candles, hand-painted and decorated. We can personalize them on purchase. Easter candles of any diameter and height. They can be decorated with more than 10 different designs. Lamps with durations from 5 hours up to 11 days.   We offer all kinds of Paschal candles and altar candles See more L B Cereria Subirà

Slide colored candles A rainbow of more than one hundred different models of candles. We have a candle for each size of the candelabra, with classic and current designs. Range of 24 different colors. Candles made of bees wax, paraffin or vegetable waxes. Each model can be adapted to the diameter of your candle holder See more C Cereria Subirà Espelmes de colors

Slide candles for celebrations Assortment of birthday candles, classic and contemporary designs.  Small figurative candles of all kinds for children.  Number candles of all sizes and colors.

You can personalize your candles with names, dates and numbers, with stickers or painted by hand.

Hand painted wedding candles. Can be personalized. 
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C Cereria Subirà

Slide seasonal candles
christmas and easter

For the time of the year when everyone decorates their home, we have both figurative and decorative candles for every taste. Every season we add new models to our collections. In addition to our exclusive models, we are distributors of Cerabella, Bugie la Française and Arpal candles.


Our shelves are full of colourfull eggs, easter bunnies and easter chickens when Easter is about to arrive.
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N P Cereria Subirà Nadal

Slide candles for outdoors Torches and candles with thick wicks, suitable for outdoor burning. We have an extensive selection of candles and torches with made with citronella designed for terraces and gardens.

We carry Cerabella, Roura and Wax Design collections.
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E Espelmes detall

Slide figurative candles One of our specialities is figurative candles.  From telephone-shaped candles to hedgehogs and squirrels, as well as the silhouette of the Sagrada Familia or the "flower" tile of the sidewalks of Barcelona. See more F Cereria Subirà

Slide accessories Articles related to candles their use. Candelabra, candlesticks and supports to hold any of the candles in our shop.

Candle snuffer and scissors to cut the wicks. 
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A Cereria Subirà Caneobres

Slide prime materials Beeswax in blocks and wax sheets
Parafin in bulk
Stearin and vegetable waxes in bulk.
Dyes for wax and essential oils.
Wicks of all sizes
Parafin oil
We can advise you on making candles at home.
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M Cera Cereria Subirà