Candle Ophelia & Diana | Barrefit Bcn x Cereria Subirà

17,0035,00 IVA inc.


Ophelia and Diana are two candles created from the idea of BarreFit Bcn and Cereria Subirà to create a candle that represents a real, strong and natural woman.

Two vegetable wax candles, made through a 100% handcrafted process, on a small scale and paying attention to the details. The project arose from the idea of breaking with the conventional canon of beauty of a sculptural body, which might actually seem expressionless, flat, and perfect. That’s why we created two unique molds from two handmade sculptures, which resulted in two female figures with imperfect curves, textures and marks that make a woman’s body unique, interesting and beautiful.

With love,
BarreFit & Cereria Subirà team

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