Pack Faquir by Mulier

80,00 IVA inc.

Sculptured scented soy wax candles, inspired by the couple, the union or both sides, connected or opposed.

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Sculptural candles of organic soy wax and cotton wick.

Handmade by Mulier Studio.

Scented with cotton flower natural aroma.

Duration: 40 hours approx.


Based on the connection between the beauty of shapes and the present moment through wax. The inherent burnt of the candles, changes the shape of the pieces, creating unique figures.

The pair “Faquir” symbolizes the union, the two sides, connected or opposed.


Artisanal crafted with modeling tools. Each piece has unique details and may present some imperfections as a result of the artisanal creation process.

We recommend not lighting the candles for more than 2 hours in a row and preferably doing so with a base support.

Avoid leaving the pieces under the sun.


About Mulier Studio

Mulier means woman in Latin.

Mulier Studio is a project curated by two women who create their own designs in the small Lavapiés workshop.

Mulier seeks to express the idea of the feminine power of creation and the ability to give life through wax.

Mulier creates vegetable wax sculptures by hand, which is why each of their pieces are unique and unrepeatable.

They have the function of a candle, an object of decoration and scent the atmosphere.



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